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Interactive medical exhibits

The MEGA® Collection of interactive medical exhibits provides large-scale, educational models of the human anatomy. These inflatable exhibit rentals are ideal for teaching people about the risks, symptoms, nature, and causes of various diseases. They work closely with a team of board-certified medical professionals to ensure the models and informational signs are technically accurate. Currently, you can rent the MEGA Heart®,MEGA Brain®MEGA Lungs®, and MEGA Body® portable exhibits for easy setup at virtually any location.

Medical Inflatables

I need these for…learning. Yes.

This is the best idea ever!

Too Much?

Moving and starting back at school has put me in hella-organization mode.

I just put all the types of oatmeal in my jumbo assorted box into categorized Ziplocs so I don’t have to dig through to find what I want in the morning.

They have arrived!!


The Boy and I moved 3 houses this weekend.

Saturday was an 18hr day of picking things up, driving, and putting things down and Sunday was 12 hours or lifting things and driving, again.

BUT a shower has never felt so good and an air mattress has never been so comfy.